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new here

Birthdate: Feb. 13th
State: What do you take me for? American? ^_^
Weight (optional): not a chance
Height (optional): 5'11
Favorite bands/ singers: oh geez. Rasputina, Dir en grey, Five foot thick, My Ruin, Jack off Jill, Scarling, Smashing pumpkins, Monster Magnet, Scratching Post... the list goes on for ages. ^_^

Interests/ hobbies: Writing, slagging my bosses/teachers/athourity figures in general, reading, going to concerts or clubs, dancing my ass off, moshing my ass off (almost literally at times), hanging out with freinds

Why you want to join LTC: Because why the hell should I be ashamed of who I am because someone else tells me so? I'm beautiful, just like the rest of ya, and no one will ever convince me otherwise. ^_^

Pictures (at least 3 including body shot):

Me, right now, in my room. I dont keep body shots around really. ^_^

New-ish picture. I didnt have my pink streaks yet.

New picture as well

oldie, but a goodie.

wha la! this is me.
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