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Welcome to Love The Chubs Live Journal Community. This community is made partically for people with a larger structure, not necessarily fat, but a tad bit chubby. No one said it was a bad thing. The purpose behind this community was to allow larger people to meet people that they know are going through the same things and to make friends. Unlike other Live Journal communities we don't accept people just based on looks but also their personalities which is the purpose of the application. Other communities claim that they only accept people who have the best looks, but to be honest those people who rate your pictures are the ugly ones themselves, they think they are better then you. Which isn't true, it's just because the're jealous of your looks and they know that you do look better than them. And who makes the standard on what's fat or ugly besides yourself? So Love The Chubs promises that it's not all about your picture, but it's also about how good of an person you are.

Heres our banner for your use


Here are the rules that LTC members should follow.

1. Before commenting you should make sure to apply.
2. No discrimination against any Live Journal users. Members will be banned.
3. Honesty. If you did something wrong, admit to it. Don't be afraid to speak up.
4. Frequent users. If you do not comment or post within a 30 day span, you will be banned unless noted.
5. Keep it clean, were not here to judge below the belt.
6. Be settle. Don't be too rude when your posting.
7. All pictures must be in LJ-cut
8. Have fun.


State/ province:
Weight (optional):
Height (optional):
Favorite bands/ singers:

Interests/ hobbies:

Why you want to join LTC:

Pictures (at least 3 including body shot):

Current Members

When your choosing wheather or not to accept people into the community please note that you need to be polite and respectful to their feelings.

Here are the accept and denied image links that should be posted in one's comments to the application.

URL: http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/3072029/321688

URL: http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/3072025/321688